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Bluetooth 4.0LE technology

Using Bluetooth 4.0LE technology - combined with our simple yet intuitive Smart Phone application, coupled with the elegance of the sleek fashionable design of the actual device, locating your keys or other personal items is as easy as the pushing of a button. Make life easy! Find your keys simply by calling them from your Smart Phone and your keys respond with a sounding alarm and a flashing LED light.


The KeyFinder.me application can downloaded from your App Store. Using the App you can pair multiple sets of keys with your phone and give each set of keys a unique name for easy identification and location.


An updated version of our Android App will be in your App Store by the time you receive your KeyFinder.me Both our Apple and Android applications will have map functionality to help you find your keys when out of Bluetooth range by late July.

Gift Box


Individually packaged gift box tailored your brand, logo, name, picture or photo. KeyFinder.me truly makes KeyFinder yours by allowing complete personalisation of the product and packaging!